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The Content Creator's Lab

Spring 2022 Storywurx, supported by The Ingenuity Creative Schools Fund and The Lallapalooza Arts Education Fund Award,  partnered with Austin Education and Career Center on Chicago's West Side for  a Content Creator's Lab experience entitled "The Change Agency". The mantra was "You Are The Media" and creators, using smartphones and free apps, answered the question " What about yourself,  your neighborhood, your city, your nation or the world would you like to help change?" The answers were powerful cross-media videos that advocated for change. 


"The Future" by Tameea
"FREE US" by Julian B. Flores
"The Digital Divide" by Tashawna Young
"Mass Shootings" by Alvion Joshua
"Normal Girl" by Destiny Wilson
"Teenage Depression and Suicide" by Kenya Smith
"Mexican Sereotypes" by Jeri Guzman, Jr.
TREY K47 "Real" aka "NO LIES"
Dynasty Sargent "Homelessness"
Leesean Ross "Generational Wealth"

Creator Testimonials

Jeri Guzman, Jr.
Julian B. Flores
Alvion Joshua
 Tashawna Young

Staff Testimonials

Algenoy Alexander, Assistant Director/ Dean of Students
Katie Keller , Artist Liaison
Jaewoo Jung, Science

Storywurx Founder/ CEO

Michael Fry, Storywurx Founder/ CEO
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