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My healing story begins when in church I received "The Holy Ghost" at age 21 and   realized that spirituality wasn't in a book but inside me.  In the late 90's, at a low point in my life, I discovered Paramahansa Yogananda and became a student of The Self Realization Fellowship Program. I studied at their two facilities in Los Angeles and became indoctrinated into Eastern metaphysics, the idea that by changing your inner life, you can change your outer life. That sent me on a quest to explore global religions, mysticism, meditation, tai chi, yoga and indigenous shamanism. Over the next 30 years I would become an initiated member of The Mankind Project, co-facilitating weekends of intentional transformation for men and teens, CEO's to Ex-Cons. As a member of UNITY, I ran Mastermind Groups and Mastermind Coaching Sessions for 15 years. As the co-creator of Vibrational Mastery, I helped design a method of harmonizing inner vibration and outer relationships. As co-founder of, I research, develop and mix plant based medicinal oils.  As ritual developer and facilitator at WholisticEDU, I design and implement healing centered practices and processes. As an Ordained Minister, I facilitate All-Faith events and ceremonies. On Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook I offer own style of  spiritual healing. As Founder/CEO of Storywurx, I have combined my health, healing and wellness background with my innate sense of story, to create a transformative story based healing process that allows individuals and organizations to begin to heal their INNER STORY in order to change their OUTER STORY. , Storywurx, Stories Heal. 

My healing story

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