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About Us

"Change The Narrative, Change The World"

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Storywurx is a story-based education, innovation and inspiration company. 

Our company mantra is “our youth will save the world” and we see ourselves as toolmakers for this extremely important mission. YOUTH: Stoywurx is an arts vendor specializing in media-arts and storytelling curriculum, in-school residencies, and workshops for grades K-12.  ADULTS: We believe that to truly educate, heal and empower the whole child we must also educate, heal and empower the adults who nurture them. We offer a variety of  professional development programs , workshops and PLC's all tailored to the needs of our adult school leaders. Storywurx believes that we, as members of the global  Human Race, must begin to heal our inner-stories in order to transform our collective outer-story. Storywurx, Stories Heal.

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Our Story

Storywurx Founder/CEO,  Michael Fry (his/he/him/we),  founded Storywurx in 2019 in order use his 30 + years of experience working as a celebrated TV writer, educator, speaker, advertising executive, digital content/series creator, inner wellness coach and parent in order to be of deep, meaningful and transformative service to the youth in some of Chicago's most underserved communities. In the midst of constant trauma, our young creators  have so much to say, share and make.  Storywurx offerings empower and nurture agency, identity and global-local interconnectedness. We encourage and model open mindedness, compassion, and reflection. We build trust and offer understanding that inspires students to look inside of themselves and identify 'what they care about' and 'what they desire to see change in themselves, neighborhoods, city, nation and the world.' We guide them, step by step as they create impactful, meaningful, transformative stories. "Change The Narrative, Change The World"

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